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Expertly developed to repair your microbiome, activating the link to multiple beneficial functions. A foundational epigenetic formula that is scientifically validated to improve brain function, restore gut health and function, increase metabolism, regulate the immune system, and benefit the skin by providing critical energy to the brain and the body on the cellular level. See in this page its main benefits.

Improves Brain Function

By increasing the creation of brain cells (neurons), strengthening the blood-brain barrier, improving the connection between the brain and the gut (gut/brain axis) and restoring the health of the microbiome (gut/second brain), LINQ will not only allow your brain to function better, it will moderate mood disorders. Up to 90% of specific chemicals responsible for brain function are produced in the gut. These are called neurotransmitters.

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Improves Gut Function

LINQ uses epigenetics to influence the genes (MUC2 genes, specifically) that are responsible for strengthening the lining of the gut and the stomach. The strengthening of the stomach and intestinal lining makes sure nutrients get absorbed properly and keeps harmful microorganisms from going where they don’t belong. This also strengthens the link between the brain and the gut since some 100 million neurons call the gut their home.

Increases Metabolism

The ingredients in LINQ have been shown to epigenetically increase the number of mitochondria (the power plants of the cells responsible for energy production and metabolism), break down fat cells, and improve insulin sensitivity — all of which helps you create and use more energy. These ingredients also induce a hormone that makes you feel full faster, reducing your desire to overeat.

Regulates Immune System

LINQ regulates genes that have a positive impact on the immune system.

Benefits the Skin

The skin is the first barrier of the immune system – it lets good things in and keeps bad things out. It also has its own immune system, the health of which is dictated by gene expression. LINQ not only encourages that healthy gene expression, it also induces collagen synthesis, which is what your skin needs to be strong and heal quickly.

Regulates Inflamation

LINQ helps control inflammation in the body by regulating the genes responsible for cytokines and t-cells.

Linq Specifications

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates was famous for claiming, “All disease begins in the gut.” We believe that the inverse is also true: a healthy body begins in the gut. The modern diet is packed with sugar, processed foods and other additives that are difficult for the body to process. This impairs the functions of the body, prevents nutrients from being properly absorbed and introduces toxins and other negative elements into the body. ACTIVZ LINQ is formulated to improve health through the gut/brain axis and activate multiple beneficial functions throughout the body. LINQ’s unique, proprietary formula is designed to supplement the body’s butyric acid (BTA) while simultaneously helping the body produce its own BTA in the large intestine. The result is an optimal level of BTA that sets off a chain reaction of health benefits: improved brain function and gastrointestinal health, increased metabolism, optimized epigenetic impact on inflammation, a well-regulated immune system and healthy skin.

Other Ingredients

CyLoc™ alpha dextrin fiber matrix Butyric acid complex 300mg.*, hypromellose (derived from cellulose) capsule, methylcellulose, isomalto-oligosaccharides, calcium laurate, l-isoleucine, plant amylase. **Stabilized Butyric acid as soluble, pure, individual free fatty acid in a hexadextrin matrix molecular trap compounded with DexKey™ release agent (patent pending, Al Czap, Czap R&D, licensed by Tesseract Medical Research, LLC) CyLoc™ and DexKey™ are trademarks of Tesseract Medical Research, LLC.
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