With all your dreams and desires to redefine the world in which we live, with your desire to change lives, bearing in mind that we all deserve an opportunity of Financial Freedom and a Healthy Life.

We redefine Health.

Health starts from our genes, there are people who get sick and others who don't, what is the difference? It is very true that there are habits that change many things but there is something else. Genetics defines much of it.

The first company with Epigenetic supplements.

Epigenetics is an emerging branch of modern genetics that studies the changes caused by activation or genetic expression without modifying the DNA sequence. This means optimizing your genes without modifying them so that you reach your full physical potential.

We have re-defined health from an inside out approach ... From the depths of the cell nucleus, in the DNA, where no one has dared to look before.

What does this all mean? It is very simple, you have been subjected to external factors that have affected your genes, pollution, food, oxidative stress.

Incredibly we have achieved it!

You can be part of this, and not only that ...

But you can help many people by capitalizing at the same time on these scientific discoveries.



A powerful formula that incorporates advanced, patent-pending technology, created to help your body balance healthy levels of inflammation, reduce minor aches and pains, and support joint mobility and flexibility.


Developed by experts to repair your microbiome, activating the link to multiple beneficial functions.



Exfoliates and purifies the skin while preparing it to deeply absorb the Essence Toner and Rejuvenating Serum


Moisturizes and balance your skin tone while improving the appearance of the pores, leaving the texture of your skin feeling soft


Strengthens and lightens the skin leaving it feeling moisturizing, hydrated and fresh

ACTIVZ is an Omnichannel Company

ACTIVZ since its launch has maintained an exponential growth trend that is the result of the sum of leadership, corporate team with experience in the industry, and an incomparable compensation plan. It’s not only a direct or multilevel sales company, so why miss all the available channels that the Internet and social media provide us? We have created the only OMNICHANNEL opportunity.


David Brown

David Brown
Chairman and CEO

Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson

The limits are determined by you! Get the freedom you've always wanted..

Be part of our ACTIVZ family. Live on your own terms, earning an income equal to your potential multiplied by your dreams.